Visiting researcher from the Panjab University worked in the Restoration Ecology research group (MTA ÖK IEB)

Dr.Anand Narain Singh is a restoration ecologist currently working as an assistant Professor in the department of Botany, Panjab University Chandigarh-160014 since 2005 ( ; ResearchGate: Earlier, he had worked as doctoral and post doctoral research work at department of Botany, Banaras Hindu University ( He is focusing research work on restoration of degraded coal mine lands as mining activities in the north dry tropical region of his country is having one of key industrial activities which destroying precious dry tropical forests with unprecedented rates. Due to mining activities, about 8000 ha area of previously occupied by forest have been affected by mining industry in the Singrauli region where those forest cover are actually involved to reducing global warming effect in the biosphere.
However, he is conducting research work with his team in the areas of restoration and plant ecology but particularly investigating problems of degraded ecosystems to restore degraded ecosystem into its original shape or most acceptable ecological one, through ecological restoration strategies. In addition, he is conducting research work on wider scale e.g. soil restoration: to understand the problems of soil degradation, soil carbon sequestration, soil enzymatic activities, phytoremediation of contaminated soil and biological fertility of soil, litter decomposability traits (for detail:

At our institute, he was working as Visiting Researcher w.e.f. 05th November, 2014 for the period of three months (05th November, 2014 to 27th January, 2015) and his visit was framed as under Bilateral Exchange fellowship Programme i.e. supported by Indian National Science Academy and Hungarian Academy of Sciences (INSA-HAS). He has focussed research work on “Functional role of plant species for Ecological Restoration of Hungarian Grasslands” with Dr. Török Katalin, Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Ecological Research, Institute of Botany and Ecology, Vácrátot, Hungary.