IEB Department of Terrestrial Ecology

Research, work profile: 

Community ecological, population biological, taxonomical and conservation biological investigations of terrestrial ecosystems.

Investigation of ecosystem services of communities: pollination, biological control, decomposition. Taxonomical, chemotaxonomical and biologically active compound investigations of plants and fungi. Vegetation research and modelling on geographical scale, exploration of community assembly rules based on plant traits. Investigations of natural forest dynamics and the effect of management on forest ecosystems. Studying the function, structure and pattern of grasslands and abandoned croplands. Research on the traditional ecological knowledge related to landscape, vegetation, traditional management in the Carpathian basin. Restoration ecological research related to the recovery of degraded ecosystems based on traditional management and natural regeneration processes. Investigation of the effect of climate change and land-use changes on vegetation in Kiskunság region.

Head of department: 
Ildikó ARANY, assistant research fellow


Blik Patrik, assistant