International Darwin Day is the day of the celebration of science which is held on Charles Darwin's birthday. Institute of Evolution of CER under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Eörs Szathmáry, is organizing an international conference called Darwin Days 2020. The conference is scheduled for February 11-13, 2020.

- Key findings of IPBES Global Assessment Report highlighted
- Priority interventions identified to address especially the indirect drivers of nature loss
- IPBES Report confirmed as science basis for ...

Péter Batáry Research Associate Professor, Group Leader of the "Lendület" Landscape and Conservation Ecology research group successfully defended his Doctor of Science dissertation at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences with the title:

"Biodiversity conservation and environmental management in European farmlands"

It’s about the respect’: Science|Business reconstructs how disputes over the demand for equal pay for researchers from poorer EU13 countries played out in negotiations over the planned €94.1 billion R&D programme - By Richard L. Hudson

The SER Europe Summer School 2018 is an intensive 5-day program (20-24 August) focusing on the management and restoration of dry grassland habitats in Europe, many of which are under Natura2000 protection.