Viktor LÖKI

assistant research fellow
DRI Department of Tisza Research
loki.viktor [at]
+36 30 6546107
Brief description of the main scopes: 

- Botanical evaluation and conservational assesment of Hungarian wetlands
- Orchids of anthropogenically influenced habitats (cemeteries, roadside verges)

Selected publications:


Fekete R., Nagy T. Bódis J. Bíró É. Löki V., Süveges K., Takács A. Tökölyi J. Molnár V. A. (2017): Roadside verges as habitats for endangered lizard-orchids (Himantoglossum spp.): Ecological traps or refuges? Science of the Total Environment 607: pp 1001-1008.
Molnár V. A., Nagy T., Löki V., Süveges K., Takács A., Bódis J., Tökölyi J. (2017): Turkish graveyards as refuges for orchids against tuber harvest Ecology and Evolution 7(24): pp 11257-11264.
Molnár V. A., Takács A., Mizsei E., Löki V., Barina Z., Sramkó G., Tökölyi J. (2017): Religious differences affect orchid diversity of Albanian graveyards Pakistan Journal of Botany 49(1): pp 289-303
Takács A., Molnár V.A., Horváth O., Sramkó G., Popiela A., Mesterházy A., Lovas-Kiss Á., Green A.J., Löki V., Nagy T. & Lukács B.A. (2017): The rare aquatic angiosperm Elatine gussonei (Elatinaceae) is more widely distributed than previously thought. AQUATIC BOTANY 141: 47-50


Löki V., Tökölyi J., Süveges K., Lovas-Kiss Á., Hürkan, K., Sramkó, G., Molnár V. A. (2015): The orchid flora of Turkish graveyards: a comprehensive field survey Willdenowia 45: pp 189–201.