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Welcome to the web site of Danube Research Institute, Centre for Ecological Research!

The research network contributes to the national and international success in science and to the Hungarian and the universal knowledge by the unity of research excellence, reliable science and commitment to the society. As the institution of the sole professional Hungarian research network, our main goal is to take an active part in the service of commonweal and to build a better future with important and promising researches and valuable scientific results based on national research traditions that are significant in the international scientific field as well.

Duties of the Institute

The main task is the ecological and hydrological research of the River Danube and its tributaries (especially the River Tisza), as well as, the system of the main stem-tributaries-floodplain- and outfalls.
Priority areas:
Water and sediment chemistry, nutrient cycle, biodiversity of the stream, adaptation, processes of invasion, hydrobiological monitoring, ecological evaluation, structure and function of aquatic ecosystems, effects of natural and anthropogenic perturbations, climate change.

Mission of the Institute

The aim is to study current and practically significant topics of lotic aquatic systems ecology with targeted and world-class researches, and to reveal new scientific findings to benefit the society.

Selected publications

The brief history of the Institute

The structure of the Institute

Director: Zsolt VÉGVÁRI
DRI Department of Hydro- and Plant Ecology, head of department: Éva Ács (DSc)
DRI Department of Restoration and Animal Ecology, head of department: Ferenc Jordán (DSc)
DRI Department of Tisza River Research, head of department: Gábor Borics (PhD)
DRI Secretariat, head of secretariat: Anna RAJNAI

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Danube Research Institute
Budapest: 1113 Budapest, Karolina út 29.
tel: +36 1 279 3105; fax:

DRI Department of Tisza River Research: 4026 Debrecen, Bem tér 18/C
tel: +36 52 509200 / 11270